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Review of Project
involves a complete review of existing documents. Meetings with the client, a clear understanding of hotel requirement, size and components of the project, of any specific concerns relating to the local project, and of the accuracy of the client’s initial budget, which must be shared by all parties. Preparation of a preliminary purchase commitment report and schedule for OES.
involves negotiating with the specified vendor’s if the quoted price is in conflict with the budget.
Initial Selection
refers to the process of negotiation with likely candidates on both specified and possible alternate items to ensure budget requirements. Formal recommendations with back-up are submitted to the clients for approval.
Final Selection and Purchase
is made upon approval of the client. The respective purchase orders and contracts are prepared, all local, state, and federal⁄national codes and regulations are taken into account, and noted and any other specific requirements pertaining to the project are noted. An updated purchase commitment report is issued to the client for review. All orders and contracts are issued to the client for review and signature.
includes the following reports that are issued to the client in the middle of Project and one month before closing to monitor the project: Item report with status of purchased items, Invoice report with status of payments and outstanding balances. All merchandise and freight invoices are received and verified by the project team. Payment requests are issued to the client with the original copy of the invoice or freight bill attached. Merchandise costs, cartoning⁄crating, and freight costs are accounted for and monitored on the invoice report by purchase order number.
involves ensuring that the purchased merchandise is shipped and delivered properly in the hotel. This is monitored on the purchase commitment report, or on a separate schedule, in the following sequence: Transportation and Delivery. A final schedule for OES delivery is coordinated with the selected company. Providing the client with the most reliable freight service at the best industry rates is important. A&A bids out to various domestic and international carriers to determine which company fills those requirements for the project, and Amakasu&Associates will provide the necessary site supervision during the delivery period.
refers to the process in which Amakasu&Associates presents a complete set of documents to the client, including a manual of all purchase orders, a final invoice report, and any individual vendor files as required. In the event that any other documents or assistance is necessary, the team provides that service. A written review is also provided to the client that will re-cap the special strengths and difficulties of the project. This is a valuable document that can help both parties to either continue to follow or to avert certain practices.
Procurement items
Furniture ⁄ furnishings, lighting fixtures, special lighting fixtures, window treatments, carpets ⁄ rugs, textiles, signs, art, BOH furniture, etc.
Beds, bedding, electrical appliances, equipment, guest request items, restaurant equipment, banquet equipment, kitchen equipment, front desk equipment, BOH equipment, uniforms, guest room amenities, consumables, printed materials, etc. in guest rooms and public areas
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