Purchasing Agent, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Procurement JP|EN
Amakasu & Associates was established as a P.A. (Purchasing Agent) for the purpose of providing FFE procurement related services.
We are a professional consultancy responsible for managing FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures) and OS & E (operational equipment) procurement. In essence we are a “project owners agent” who is extremely familiar with the global hospitality industry, and can make full use of the expertise and abundant experience we have in this industry.
P.A.’s understand each project owner’s intention and we carry out our plans according to their objectives. The English concept of a P.A. is to “maximise the value of the budget for the project & provide crystal clear accounting”. Maximising the budget value of a project and cost transparency are of paramount importance to us. This does not simply mean keeping the budget within a set agreed amount, but refers to how we can provide sound advice and recommendations to the owner to greatly increase the investment value of the various development projects we work on.
The concept of a P.A. originally began independently within the Hyatt Hotel Group Procurement Department during the late 1960s. While the practice has changed with the times due to the availability and sophistication of computer software programs, the concept still remains universal and basic, and the performance practice remains the same to this day.
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